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mission statement

What are you doing after practice?

What are you doing after practice?

At Kenny Cooper Academy (KCA), our mission is to create the highest quality training environment at the best soccer facility in North Texas. We believe in a positive and comprehensive approach, to encourage and support players chasing their soccer dreams

Group Training - 75 MINutes

At KCA, our levels are formed based on playing ability and age. We will cover all areas that are fundamental to player development and performance.

*Please note some ages overlap

Pre-Select Level (7-10 years old): This level is designed for players needing to concentrate on mastering the fundamentals of soccer. Ball mastery, first touch, dribbling, shooting, passing and receiving techniques will all be covered in the Junior Level curriculum.

Select Level (8-14 years old): This level is designed for Junior Academy and Select soccer players who seek training in addition to their current team environment. Technique will continue to be emphasized, along with dynamic movement

Premier Level (11-18 years): This level is designed for the soccer player looking for an advanced training environment and is formatted to build technical confidence with the ball in all areas of the game. Specialized position-specific training and tactical awareness will also be covered at the Premier Level.


At KCA, we offer teams the opportunity to train with Kenny and his professional staff for a team price. Team training is designed for the Junior Academy and Select teams to complement what they are doing with their club coach. Team training is designed to build confidence through repetitions requiring dynamic movements with the ball. Technique will be the core of the Team training curriculum with an emphasis on individual and small group tactics. Team training opportunities are based on availability.