The SBX1

  • Most advanced soccer technology created
  • Ability to establish player baseline which can be used to measure improvement and rehabilitation
  • Allows the players to work on fundamental skills such as touch, vision, ball control, passing accuracy, aerial attack, and reaction time
  • The ball can be played from the ground to the foot to the head and everywhere in between, in the same training session
  • The speed of the ball can range from 30 km/h to 120 km/h depending on the program
  • Coaching staff has the ability to choose different programs for each players in order to focus on what the individual player needs to improve
  • During an hour training session a player has the ability to touch 1800 balls and be measured on each one
  • The quality of repetitions is consistent throughout the session 
  • The next ball is released after the previous ball has been placed between the sensors, thus allowing the player to play as fast as they can.

An audio tone is used to signal the player where the next ball is coming from in order to simulate more game like situations
The RTC is 18.3 x 18.3 meters with a playing surface of 13.4x13.4 meters space with 4 ball machines and 64 grids to place the ball
Each session is filmed and can be instantly analyzed on a tablet computer