Please read the information on this page, prior to completing your online application. You will need the name, phone numbers and email address of both the coach and the manager.

Note, players are not required to register with their local recreational association and obtain a player release to play in this league.



  1. Review the Primary Terms & Conditions under which a team may apply and be accepted below.
  2. Determine the SDL division your team will enter and level of play that best represents the team's current level of development (Level 1 is the most competitive - keep in mind that it is much easier in the middle of the season to switch up then it is to switch down)
  3. Confirm with your club’s academy coordinator whether the club has made arrangements to pay SDL directly
  4. To complete your online application click on the link on the home page of this website. 
  5. You will be given the opportunity to pay once your registration is completed or you can send a check made out to DYSP to DYSP, 4401 14th Street, Plano, TX 75074 or if you are part of club that DYSP invoices then check that box.  If you need to make a change on the application after it has been submitted, please send and email to  Likewise, the league will notify you by email if there is a problem with your registration.
  6. Player should be registered with US Club Soccer, the link is on the home page of this website and instructions for doing so are listed on the "Rosters" page of this website.  The cost is $14.00 per player which is an annual fee and is good from August to July.


Team fees are 50% refundable if the team withdraws prior to the posting of the schedule and non-refundable thereafter

1. Participation is the team’s acceptance that:

  • the team accepts the rules and procedures of the SDL
  • the team accepts full responsibility for parent, player and coach conduct
  • the team will ensure that parents are fully informed of league expectations and relevant communications from the league as they occur
  • the team commits to adhering to all registration requirements and retaining at each game a properly completed waiver for each player on the roster

2. Scheduling: 

  • The season provides for one designated rainout weekend and – partial refunds are not given for games missed
  • Teams entering a tournament during designated league play must forfeit any scheduled Sunday SDL match; unless the league receives written assurance from the Tournament that the team’s Friday and/or Saturday SDL schedule will not be affected, the team must forfeit –this ensures that your opponent plays and does not bear the sole risk of whether the tournament team will show
  • Failure to notify the league at least ten days in advance of tournament participation will result in the team forfeiting their next scheduled league game after the tournament date