The SDL's first priority in scheduling is to ensure that coaches are able to make each of their SDL's games. Many SDL coaches have multiple SDL teams and may also have one or more teams that compete in the various select leagues in the metropolitan area. Please work with your coach to communicate their other league conflicts to the SDL as soon as possible. It takes hundreds of hours to get the schedule figured out. Often we will have to release only the first two weekends of games with the remainder of the schedule being published after the first game. Please help us by keeping your parents informed of what the SDL is doing and why. This will allow the SDL to remain focused on getting the schedules completed rather than responding to numerous parent emails about why the schedules aren't out.

SDL is unique. With its focus on ensuring player development and not wins and losses, teams are empowered to switch with another opponent to remedy an unforeseen scheduling conflict or change the level of competition they are playing.

Fields and Complexes

Review specific rules for the complex your games are at this weekend.  Weather conditions for each field are posted on the Home page of this website.


To report coach conflicts, go to League Forms and complete the Coach Conflict form.  Then email that form  Select team coaches should also email links to their online select schedules.

The SDL does not maintain scores nor standings so forfeiting a game is to be avoided. If unforeseen circumstances prevent your team from being at a game or you are unable to field enough players, you must contact the league no later than 36 hours prior to game time so that another team can be found to take your place.

Game Day Roster Validation and Player Review

Each team manager is responsible for having their roster(s) and SDL Player Waiver form (no other medical release is acceptable i.e., North Texas or US Club Soccer) for each participant at the game. The opposing manager prior to game time is to confirm that all participants are listed on a US Club Soccer SDL Roster, that each player has current soccer passcard and that the manager has a SDL Player Waiver for each participant. If the team uses players from another club, the manager must present a valid SDL Player Loan form signed by the club loaning the player. If the team uses players from within its club, they may have the player's passcard showing the same club affiliation as well as the SDL Player Waiver.

Any exceptions are to be noted by the manager and provided in an email to before Tuesday of the following week. An ineligible player must not participate in the match; such a player has likely not been submitted for registration with US Club Soccer and will not have appropriate insurance coverage placing the league and both teams at risk. Do not involve the referees or expect them to provide any guidance. If an SDL official is onsite, you may contact them regarding any eligibility issues.

Prior to the start of the game, the official(s) may ask the players to line up along the touch line to ensure that the players are appropriately attired with shirts tucked in. Jewelry, particularly earrings, are not permitted to be worn even if covered by tape - tell your parents they should wait until after the season for their daughters to get their ears pierced - there will be no exception - the earrings come out or the player stays out. Any casts will be inspected and it is the referee's sole discretion as to whether or not the player is permitted to play - - it does not matter if another referee at another time allowed the player to participate.

Referee Fees

Referee Fees will be paid by the teams at game time. 

9v9 games - Each team will pay one of the Assistant Refs $25.00 and the Middle Ref $15.00 for a total of $40 per team per game (Please bring exact change.)

7v7 & 4v4 games - Each team will pay the ref $15.00 (Please bring exact change.)

Uniform Colors

The Home team, listed first in the schedule, will change in case of a color conflict so be sure and bring either an alternative jersey or practice bib.