To be completed by the primary team's manager, given to the parent who is responsible for getting it to their child's second team's manager who will complete and send to for approval.

SDL USCS Player Loan Form

Completed once each soccer year by the parent/guardian and returned to the team manager, which must be made available upon request (a player may not play without a valid release in the possession of the team manager or designee at the game)

SDL Player Waiver Form

The attached form can be used for the start of the fall season only. If you have a player that participated in a club that played in another US Club Soccer league and they are not able to reach the former team for a release, complete the form below, scan, and send to and the league will then coordinate with US Club Soccer to ensure the player is registered with SDL.

New Registration Player Release Request

If a player is injured during league play and out-of-pocket expenses are incurred beyond what is covered by your primary insurance carrier, complete the attached form and notify the SDL at documenting the date of the incident, extent of the injury and what other leagues the child may participate

Link to US Club Soccer/Bollinger Insurance Claim Information

US Club Soccer Online Claim Form

Click if you need to file an insurance claim with US Club Soccer - it must be done within 90 days of the incident.

Insurance Claim Verification (#R001)

Form to be completed by team coach or manager when parent is submitting insurance claim to US Club Soccer.

Please complete this form prior to the communicated deadline so that the league may consider conflicts that your coach may have among their SDL team(s) and their competitive select team(s).

Coach Select Team Conflicts Form