League Schedules

Please note that any game scheduled to play on field "Reschedule" is a game that will be rescheduled to a future date. You may get a reminder email for that game but please know it is not a valid game unless it is scheduled for either Field 1, 2 or 3.

We are sorry for any confusion this may cause. Please call us if you have questions - 972-294-5569

Team Balance  

The remaining team balance is not due till the start of the first game. A team will not be allowed to play their first game until the team balance has been paid. If you are having your team players pay individually, it is your responsibility to monitor if all payments have been made for paying off your full team balance, not ours. You can view your team roster and individual payments from your team page with your login from our website or with the free phone app, dashplatform.

Note: Referee Fees are covered by your team payments.

Game Check Ins

All players are required to check in at either the front desk or with the time keeper before the game.

  • First 3 Games  All players MUST check in at the front desk to receive a wristband before being allowed onto the pitch.

  • Last 5 Games If players are early to the game, have them check in with the front desk. If players show up 5 minutes to game start or are late to the game, have them check in with the time keeper.

Membership IDs

Youth memberships IDs are $20. Adult membership IDs are $22.  You can pay for your membership ID online or prior to the start of your first game. EVERY player needs to come by the front desk to get their picture made prior to their first game. We will keep everyone’s information in our system and the time keeper will check off rosters prior to the start of each game. You do not have to keep up with a card for your groups. We have a print off with all players’ information with pictures that our time keeper can use to verify players. If you have a player that is not on the roster, they will not be allowed to play.

Note: Coaches and managers memberships are FREE. If you were prompted to pay for a membership online, call us and we will refund your membership fee.


Everyone needs to fill out a waiver. There is an electronic waiver that each family is prompted to initial when creating an account through our website. The other option is to fill out a paper wavier at our front desk. Waivers are to be filled out once a year. A player cannot play at our facility without a waiver signed.


There are a few options to complete your team rosters.  The easiest way is if your team(s) have already played at our facility; just call and ask us to move your roster from the last time your team(s) play with us to this season.

For new teams, here are the multiple ways to add players to your roster: 

  1. The manager or coach that is assigned to each team can send out an invite to the players on the team. The invite is an email asking the player to accept joining the group. You can get access to inviting your players from your team page once you have logged into your account. There is a button from your team page that says Invite. All you have to enter is the player’s email addresses. You can also add a message about team payment, memberships, etc. or any additional information you want to send to your team. Once they accept, the player’s family can fill out their information online and can pay online.

  2. The second option is to have your players call the front desk to get their accounts set up. We can add players to a team roster over the phone. However, players still need to take care of pictures and waivers by stopping by front desk. This is the longest process

  3. Third option is to have your players stop by The PIT prior to their first game to get their accounts set up, pictures taken, and waivers signed. We are available Monday thru Friday starting at 10:00 AM.

  4. Fourth option is for the manager or coach to submit a PIT Roster Form to info@thepitplus.com with the subject line "Team Roster: [Enter your team name you registered as]".


Soccer cleats, indoor shoes, or flats are allowed on all our facility fields. Baseball cleats, football cleats, or metal studs are not allowed on any of the fields