Youth Conflict Request Form

As Part of Performance Indoor Training Frisco’s (PIT Frisco’s) commitment to delivering the best possible leagues, we do our best to honor a minimum of one (1) conflict per team (if needed), in addition to honoring conflicts of coaches with multiple teams. in order to be considered, we need to receive REGISTRATION, TEAM DEPOSIT, and this CONFLICT REQUEST FORM PRIOR to the season registration deadline.

NOTE: A conflict is defined as specific day and/or time that a team will be UNABLE to participate due to not having the minimum number of players required to participate; missing one (1) or two (2) players does NOT constitute a conflict unless it places your team below the required number of participates.

*Please attempt to avoid submitting questionable conflict requests, as this will delay the schedule release time frame and make it more difficult for us to offer a balanced schedule overall. We want to assist in every area possible, so we ask that teams do not take advantage of this offering


1 ) Coaches with multiple teams in this season.

2 ) Conflicts with a tournament

3 ) Conflict with another soccer event (other league, indoor, futsal, etc…)

4 ) Conflicts with a major school event (SAT testing, high school graduation, etc…)

5 ) Other items will be at the League Director’s discretion

Team Information
Team name MUST match perfectly with team name registered in DASH.
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Name of the person that will be responsible for all communication between the team and the league director.
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Primary Contact"s Phone
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