SDL communicates primarily through emails. Often, SDL will use an email manager that permits mass distribution. Emails will arrive from or - PLEASE add both of those addresses to your contact list so that pertinent emails do not end up in spam.  Also PLEASE NOTE, in these instances it will appear that the email was only directed to you. This is not the case and you can easily tell because these emails will (hopefully) begin with the salutation:

  • ALL Managers or
  • ALL Coaches or
  • ALL Coaches and Managers

You may find that the content is not specific to yourself or team but if you have any doubts, feel free to reply and ask for clarification.

When responding or when initiating an email to the SDL, please be sure and place in the Subject Line the correct name of the team and the division so that the SDL can better manage emails and responses. It is also helpful to use “reply to all” and to include the body of the text of previous communications.

To contact league admin please email  We will endeavor to reply to emails within one business day if not sooner.