The SDL is concerned for the players’ safety. Any adult listed on the team's roster must complete the online background application and have a valid US Club Soccer passcard.

No one associated with the SDL can view the application and while the applicant will be notified if their background check is not accepted and provided appropriate details, the SDL will only be notified that the adult cannot be registered.

The instructions are:

  1. Go to the following website: Registration Form
  2. Select "Coach" or "Manager" as the registration type and then click "Go"
  3. Select "Club" or "Academy" for Type of Membership
  4. Select your club's name from the pull down menu
  5. Complete all required information
  6. Select "Submit"
  7. Write down your confirmation Background Application ID Number. The club/team registrar needs to then submit the adult completing the background check to US Club Soccer for vetting and issuance of a passcard; this is required before a team's players may be registered